Virtual Academic Summer Camp

We are excited for you to experience the 2020 Virtual Academic Summer Camp experience! Each week campers will have the opportunity to engage in educational projects in your own home, experience visits and development from the farm, participate in virtual tours to museums and colleges, community visits from co-camp director Jordan Bell, and more! 

Virtual academic summer camp program content will be posted on this website. Videos will be hosted on our YouTube channel.

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June 22 – July 31. Weekly content posted each Monday.


Campers that registered before June 22 will receive a certificate of completion at the end of camp and our annual  t-shirt (this year with a special design!), and a backpack with school supplies.

Campers that register after June 22 will receive a certificate of completion at the end of camp!

We encourage all participants to register so that we can have an accurate count! O

pen to ages 6 to 16 years of age.

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Virtual Academic Summer Camp is free of charge!

Summer Food Meals Program

Thanks to Roanoke City Public Schools and City of Roanoke Parks & Recreation, campers can enjoy breakfast and lunch at no charge! There will be designated pickup locations for campers throughout the City of Roanoke.

You can pick-up food from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at the following locations:

Fallon Park Elementary

Garden City Elementary

Round Hill Elementary

Monterey Elementary

Patrick Henry High School

William Fleming High School

Additionally, a food truck is visiting various locations throughout the city. Here’s a link with the schedule:…/what_s_new/coronavirus_information


Apple Ridge Farm’s organic agriculture education programs employ creative techniques that increase student exposure to fresh produce, while educating them on how food is grown. “Apple Ridge Farm Grows!” is a collaborative effort to effectively address health and economic disparities facing low-income neighborhoods by developing a local sustainable food system within the food deserts of Northwest Roanoke. This project will ultimately lead to a network of urban farms in the low-income neighborhoods of Northwest Roanoke, accompanied by programs to increase awareness of the availability and benefits of fresh, nutritional foods.

Environmental Education

The Environmental Education Program affords children the opportunity to learn about biology, ecology, and conservation through field identification of terrestrial and aquatic species inhabiting the Apple Ridge ecosystem, and hands-on learning about life cycles, adaptation, and conservation of each species.  Our Environmental Education programs focus on developing a direct appreciation and understanding of our natural world while correlating with the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs). In addition to its inclusion in Academic Summer Camp, our Environmental Education program is marketed to school systems and organizations throughout the Roanoke Valley and five surrounding counties.  

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Aspire Mindset

The Aspire Mindsets program teaches the workplace skills most in demand by employers, and provides the first steps towards workplace success through employment as Junior Counselors at Academic Summer Camp. This Leadership and Mentoring Program is the program which helps high school youth develop the positive mindsets that will enable them to make good choices and act in ways that promote success in school and in life.


A+STEM Academy is an after school program that allows students to apply knowledge gained from school in a context that is STEM focused which promotes a deeper learning and reinforcement of the skills in a fun and creative way while supporting the growth and development of the whole child.

Apple Ridge Farm currently works with the 21st Century Program at Hurt Park Elementary School and Garden City Elementary School to grow and nurture their school garden. During these learning sessions, students learn about gardening, the food system, and have an opportunity to taste what they grow! 


EBase USA is a 40ft long by 10ft wide, off-grid classroom, powered by 18 solar panels, and a wind turbine. The solar and wind power is stored in 24 batteries which provide enough energy to power equipment and activities. EBase USA is part of a global EBase movement started in 2008 by Sir Robert Swan, polar explorer and environmentalist.  Our EBase (Educational Base) is an off-grid classroom designed to teach young people about sustainability and climate change.  ARF designed its EBase curriculum to teach young people about sustainability and climate change. For a lesson in sustainability and climate change, please contact our main office. 

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